Cooler Master MasterLiquid Pro 120 Closed Loop Water Based CPU Cooler


The MasterLiquid Pro 120 rethinks the fundamentals of liquid cooling via FlowOp technology. A holistic approach to controlling the flow of heat, FlowOp begins with an exclusive pump and dual chamber design with ultra fine microchannels, FEB tubing, square fin radiator design and MasterFan Air Balance fans. And when all these features are combined, you get a comprehensive cooling machine that lasts longer, performs better, and requires virtually no maintenance.

  • Preserving parts – Liquid heated by the CPU is isolated from sensitive components using two chambers in the pump
  • Maximizing absorption – The water block, customized and packed densely with micro-fine plates, absorbs more heat from the CPU than traditional designs
  • Zoning in on heat – Liquid is funneled directly at the hottest part of the CPU and carried away quickly through technology normally used in high-end DIY models
  • Recycling the cool – Heated liquid is more efficiently cooled through a completely unique radiator fin design
  • Getting it out – Heat in the radiator fins is expelled far out of the case by the new MasterFan Pro Air Balance fan

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